This page is a reference for advanced application integration topics

Custom Integration Credentials

For OAuth based application integrations you may specify your own β€œapp” credentials if you are a developer that has created your own app within a given providers development portal.

To customize integration credentials we will create an integration override. Go to

On the integration overrides page enter the unique key of the integration you want to provide credentials for. e.g. for Quickbooks the key is quickbooks

Next you will need to select the environment for the override, this is typically either Sandbox or Production

You will need your app identifier and secret and you will need to place these two pieces of information in JSON notation e.g.


Where XXXXX is the unique identifier of your app and YYYYY is the app secret.

Switching an Account Environment

The environment an account operates in can be temporarily overridden. Go to (where β€œexample” is your subdomain name)

This is typically used to switch an account from using Production API credentials to Sandbox and vice-versa and can be helpful during a testing and setup phase.

Some integrations exhibit different behaviours when switching between Sandbox and Production modes and may limit or modify functionality. e.g. Quickbooks in a Sandbox environment will only allow the connection of Sandbox accounts, Stripe in Sandbox environment will only allow access to Test data. Refer to the 3rd party provider for details on any documented differences.