There are several ways the user interface can be styled and configured:

  • FDM - The form data model allows configuration of form fields shown to users as well as configures fields used in the portfolio and invitation screens - see Form and Workflow Data Model

  • Insights Dashboard - The dashboard used to show metrics, ratios for each company

Insights Dashboard

Example insights dashboard showing financial metrics and widgets

Dashboards can be customized via the dashboard-primary.json5 (Lender) and dashboard-customer.json5 (Lender) files located in /private/dashboard/, which can be accessed via WebDAV.

By default there are four regions on the page than can be customized in the configuration files:

Profile: Customer’s information from the profile form.

Metrics: Custom or default metrics. Please visit Metrics API for a more in-depth view of this.

Tabs: What tabs should be displayed in the dashboard.

Widgets: Select the widgets and custom charts to be displayed in each tab and where they should be positioned (by order) and column (left or right).

Check out the example on GitHub to see a range of possibilities, or start with a minimal template using