A workflow is used within the portal application an end user accesses to provide a guided experience in collecting data.

A set of steps is defined in a javascript file, this file can contain conditional logic to hide/show steps depending on data attributes of the end user. You can decide the number of steps required and also have control over how they are presented visually.

Example workflow showing an overview of required information and the steps to provide it:

In order to customize the workflow you will need to edit the /public/dashboard/dashboard.js file within your account via WebDAV.

The dashboard file is used by not only your account but also by all of your end user accounts that are sharing data with you.

Each step links to a feature within the platform such as Document Upload, Form, eSign or App Connections. The steps can be arranged in any order you like, though some steps (like mapping of a chart of accounts) will be dependant on earlier steps.

Check out the https://github.com/boss-insights/kitchen-sink example on Github to see a range of possibilities, or start with a minimal template using https://github.com/boss-insights/simple-account